Click to view Letter of Thanks from Jackson & Kelly for Expert Consulting & Testimony

“Thanks for the report clarifying your opinions on the water intrusion concerns at my home.  I also appreciate your discussion and advice on the radon and mold testing that will be part of my inspection on a home I am looking to purchase in the Pittsburgh area.  I plan to use the sample mold report from AHL that you forwarded as a basis for what I am looking to have done on the prospective home.  The report you sent gives me an example of a bad result that I can compare with an example on moldreport.com of a relatively good result.  Hopefully, I’ll see the latter.

You’ve been very helpful.  I’ll contact you if I’m need of further assistance.  Enjoy your vacation.”


Matt McKeon

“Mr. Wood: I just wanted to send you a big “Thank You” for your presentation at WVU-P for continuing education for the Parkersburg Area Realtors on April 16th..My assistant and I learned so much from your presentation..It will be of tremendous value in listing/selling homes in WV..We would certainly recommend you to our clients..”
Again, Thank you,

Jane Wyatt-Realtor

“I have done business with many people in my life.  Some were very admirable and some down right shady, but you are by far one of the most honest, competent and straight foreword business people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

I appreciate all that you have done on my behalf and would be happy for you to send me a bill for your time.  Again, thank you very much.”


Linda Heatherman

“I have gotten a lot of feedback about your and Joe’s presentations. All of the feedback is that the seminar is wonderful. Numerous people have commented that it is the best they have ever attended, in the top 10 of all seminars (this from a 65 year old inspector in the business for 35 years), extremely interesting, informative material.

I personally echo these sentiments. I know I will be looking at brick veneer cracks in a whole new light now. The information about the floor diaphragm pushing all the way through the building is eye opening. I have never heard that mentioned in any of the structural seminars I have attended in 19 years of inspections and seminars. Truly invaluable information.”

Thank you very much,